Last week, we had the opportunity to host a webinar, Diagnosing and Fixing Problems with Your Language Access Program. Our presenters, Critical Measures President and CEO David Hunt and Senior Consultant for Critical measures Kalen Beck, discussed best practices providers can adopt to proactively improve their language access policies and practices while improving the quality and safety of care and reducing legal liability. The webinar addressed the following common challenges providers may face when implementing VRI:

  • How to conduct a legal language access audit of your hospital’s language access systems, policies and practices.
  • How to conduct a best-practices review of your language access program.
  • How to assess the cultural and linguistic competence of your providers.
  • How and why your hospital should have a Language Access Plan.
  • What the most common legal language access compliance problems are and how can you avoid them.
  • Training programs which can correct identified deficiencies in hospital language access programs by leveraging technology.
  • Tips and tactics for increasing the operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your language access program.

To listen to the full webinar, visit: