Are you concerned about whether your hospital is in compliance with the ACA’s new Section 1557 regulations or other federal and state language access laws? Even if your hospital is in compliance, is your language access program using national best practices? This webinar is being offered in partnership with Critical Measures, a national management consulting and training organization specializing in cross-cultural healthcare and the law of language access.

This webinar will discuss best practices that providers can adopt to proactively improve their language access policies and practices while improving the quality and safety of care as well as reducing the risk of legal liability. In particular, the webinar will address cutting-edge practices such as the following:

  • How to conduct a legal language access audit of your hospital’s language access systems, policies and practices.
  • How to conduct a best-practices review of your language access program.
  • How to assess the cultural and linguistic competence of your providers.
  • How and why your hospital should have a Language Access Plan.
  • What the most common legal language access compliance problems are and how can you avoid them.
  • Training programs which can correct identified deficiencies in hospital language access programs by leveraging technology.
  • Tips and tactics for increasing the operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your language access program.


David B. Hunt, J.D.
President & CEO of Critical Measures

Kalen Beck
Senior Consultant with Critical Measures

The featured speakers for this webinar are David B. Hunt, CEO of Critical Measures and Kalen Beck, Senior Consultant with Critical Measures. Mr. Hunt is a former civil rights attorney and a national expert on the law of language access in health care.  Kalen Beck brings more than 25 years of language access expertise to the healthcare field as an independent interpreter, director of language operations and as an executive with an academic medical center.

Critical Measures regularly conducts legal language access audits for leading hospital systems and health plans that compare clients’ language access systems, policies and practices against federal and state language access laws and national best practices. InDemand Interpreting connects health care professionals to medically trained and qualified interpreters 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in more than 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).