(Sight translation by Certified Deaf Interpreter Mistie Owens)

I recently wrote an article for Street Leverage, an online publication for the American Sign Language interpreting industry. This article was in response to a post from Shelly Hansen, an interpreter who discussed what she believes to be the unethical nature of medical VRI for Deaf patients.

The article covers a number of measures, proposed as potential industry standards, which are already in place at InDemand. VRI is a reasonable language access accommodation for patients and providers, and the ethical validity of VRI only becomes an issue when quality and effective communication is not prioritized for all parties involved. Industry standards for medical VRI when used with Deaf patients are emerging. At InDemand, our goal is to be at the forefront of responsible VRI application practices.

Click the link below to read the article where you will gain an understanding of the VRI conversations taking place among interpreters and Deaf patients. The article provides an overview of how interpreters and VRI companies are working to pave the way for ethical, medical VRI practices.