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Primary Consideration

The new guidelines for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect last month and while much of it remains the same when it comes to language access services, there is some language that is worth mentioning. The laws and provisions are exhaustive and can be easily misunderstood if the entire context is not reviewed. In […]


Wearable Technology & ASL

Technology has revolutionized our lives and often times right from the palm of our hands. We have smartphones full of apps that help us streamline everyday tasks, watches that count our steps and monitor our heart rates and even eyewear that can connect us to the internet. This past May, inventors/students from the University of […]

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In Pursuit of a M.D.

In all of our blogs, we’ve talked about how Deaf patients have the right to communication access, a right protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Communication access can come in the form of an on-site interpreter, VRI, the use of a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI), or even CART services. Yet, there are also instances […]


Raising the Bar in Healthcare Interpreting Education

We’ve talked a great deal about what it takes to become a qualified medical interpreter for the Deaf. Just a month ago we shared a post about the resources available to interpreters and since then a great new opportunity is available! RIT/NTID offers a Certificate in Healthcare Interpreting and now they offer a Master of […]


Partnering with

“Did you Google it?” is often the first question people ask each other when faced with a question or situation they don’t understand. When medical information is sought, “Google” becomes “Dr. Google,” and the daunting task of weeding through the search results for accurate information can be overwhelming. As much as we know we shouldn’t […]


More than a General Practitioner

When a patient needs medical attention beyond routine tests and annual physicals, he or she is often referred to a specialist; a doctor who is trained and devoted to a particular medical condition. The specialist has extensive experience, and resources that help to diagnose and treat patients beyond a general practitioner, and the specialist has […]


So You Want to be a Medical Interpreter?

At InDemand, we work diligently to be the best medical video remote interpreting company; it’s our specialty. It’s a niche in a growing market that takes time, dedication, continuing education and commitment to not only set the bar, but to raise the bar for all other video remote interpreting companies. This philosophy applies to every […]


Preparing for VRI

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) technology has made it possible for LEP and Deaf patients to have instant access to an interpreter. Over the past several months we have explored how to select the best VRI company and ensure the interpreters used are of the highest caliber. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the medical facility […]


On-site Interpreters and VRI: The Ultimate Collaboration

InDemand believes that VRI is just one tool in the communication toolkit that doctors, patients and providers can rely on when working with Deaf patients. In previous blogs, we’ve outlined what it takes to select the right VRI company, how to ensure the interpreters are qualified and when and how to work with a Certified […]


Video Remote Interpreting vs. Video Relay Service

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Video Relay Service (VRS) are both services that enable communication between deaf/hard of hearing individuals and those who use either spoken English or spoken Spanish.  What’s the difference, and why is there a need for two different services when they seem so similar at first glance? VRI VRS Many different […]