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Controlling Language Services Costs: the CCQO Framework

In my last post I wrote about CCQO as a framework to measure the success of the language services function in a hospital or clinic. This acronym stands for Cost, Compliance, Quality and Outcomes. Today I’d like to focus on the first item in the CCQO framework: cost. How do you measure the cost-effectiveness of […]


Measuring the Success of Language Services Programs: the CCQO Framework

I often meet with the heads of language services departments in hospitals and clinics around the country and one of the questions I ask them is “How do you measure the success of your language services program?” The answers are always fascinating. About one-third to one-half of the respondents, if they answer honestly, do not […]


Why Can’t Today’s Immigrants Learn English?

When I explain to people what we do at InDemand Interpreting, providing language services to patients in healthcare settings, I sometimes get the following reaction: Why do we have to pay for providing interpreters? My grandparents or great-grandparents came to this country and learned English quickly to survive. Why can’t today’s immigrants learn English? It’s […]


Health Outcomes of LEP Patients

Do Limited-English Proficient (LEP) patients have the same outcomes as English-speaking patients? In a word, no. Perhaps the most definitive study of the health outcomes of LEP patients compared to English-speaking patients is a Joint-Commission sponsored study published in 2007, Language proficiency and adverse events in U.S. Hospitals: A Pilot Study. This study found that […]


Vision and Mission

I’m generally skeptical of vision and mission statements.  You know, the ones that say “Our mission is to be the world leader in maximizing our customers experience by striving for continuous improvement in diversity, integrity, teamwork and innovation.”  Long, bland and cliché driven, I can’t imagine any employee, even management, identifying with or remembering that […]

Netflix style rating system for hospital

NetFlix Ratings for Hospitals?

This week, the Federal government has released 1 to 5 star ratings for hospitals.  Internally, we call these “Netflix ratings,” as they were one of the first to popularize the now ubiquitous star ratings.  We’ve been using these kinds of ratings for several years to enable our clients to rate their experience with our product […]

Jim Ewel

Introducing the InDemand Video Remote Interpreting Blog

I’ve never been an interpreter.  If you’d like the perspective of someone who has been an interpreter for almost twenty years, as both an in-person and video interpreter, I encourage you to go over to our Sign of the Times—ASL blog, written by Danielle Meder and Debbie Lesser. I’ve never run a language services department.  […]