VRI = Instant Access

InDemand provides instant access to high-quality Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for limited English proficient (LEP) and Deaf patients at the touch of a button. Instant language access means no more waiting for on-site interpreters or scheduling challenges. Simply connect via your WiFi, mobile broadband, or LAN for high-definition, fast, secure access to medically experienced Interpreters.


Medical Interpreting just got easier.

We understand how busy your medical staff is, which is why the InDemand Interpreting application is easy to use. Just select a language and choose whether a male or female interpreter is preferred. Within seconds, your qualified medical interpreter is online to assist you.InDemand-HowItWorks3

Take the Power of InDemand with You Everywhere

With InDemand, your facilities have the flexibility they need to make Video Remote Interpreting accessible and convenient. Clinicians can access InDemand from laptops, touchscreens, tablets and iPads. From desktop mounts to medical grade carts and iPad cases, we have the accessories you need for complete access and portability.


How can InDemand help you?

Our goal is to make sure medical organizations build thriving language service departments that ensure limited English proficient and Deaf patients receive the highest quality access to healthcare. To accomplish this, we have a unique five-point process that we call 5-to-Thrive. With the 5-to-Thrive program you have a partner who will help design, implement and monitor your language service solution.

What Does This Mean For You?

Greater access
Reduced Costs
Increased Efficiency
Reduced Risk
Improved Outcomes

The future of Medical Interpreting

See the future of medical language services with Video Remote Interpreting from InDemand Interpreting. VRI is a reliable, high-quality and cost effective language service solution. From admissions to bedside to rehabilitation and home, it works across the continuum of care, meeting the immediate needs of healthcare organizations while easily and affordably scaling for future demand.

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