Improve the utilization of your interpreting staff with our

Internal Call Center solution.

The InDemand Internal Call Center enhances staff interpreter efficiency and satisfaction, as well as the patient experience. All interpreter request calls can be routed to your internal on-site interpreters automatically using the InDemand Internal Call Center. If your interpreters are not available, calls are automatically — without any interruption — routed to an InDemand interpreter. Our qualified medical interpreters are available by video or voice, 24/7/365. The provider experience is the same regardless of the interpreter called.

How Does it Work?


Download Internal Call Center Spec Sheet

Features & Benefits

  • Increases efficiency of staff interpreting departments
  • Utilizes InDemand technology platform for a consistent provider experience
  • Tailors call routing to each client’s requirements
  • Provides workstation specifications and staff training
  • Offers reporting and analytics on interpreter performance and productivity
  • Interpreters can sign in and out any time

Augment your internal on-site interpretation for a seamless provider experience.