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Qualified On-Site Medical Interpreters

Sometimes quality patient care requires a qualified on-site medical interpreter.

There are many circumstances in the healthcare environment when the presence of an on-site interpreter is essential to you as a provider, your patients and their families. Having a highly skilled interpreting team is critical to your patient’s safety. That’s why InDemand Interpreters are focused solely on medical interpretation — and are among the most qualified in the industry.

Our on-site medical interpreters are:

Service Availability

InDemand currently offers on-site interpreting in select regions and is continuously expanding our geographic reach. In addition to on-site interpreters, we also provide video remote interpreting (VRI), Voice interpreters.

By delivering a balanced mix of interpreting services, InDemand improves your organization’s quality of patient care and reduces costs.

Let’s discuss your medical on-site interpreting needs.

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