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Easy access to 200 languages to meet nearly every interpreting need.

InDemand Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) currently offers 200 over-the-phone languages through a seamless integration with our OPI partner, United Language Group. We are continually expanding our selection as new demands arise. To make OPI as easy to access as possible, we integrated voice into our hands-free application so providers don’t have to go to the trouble of using a phone system to access a medically qualified interpreter during a patient examination.


United Language Group Partnership

InDemand partners with United Language Group (ULG), formerly known as Language Select, to offer best-of-breed, over-the-phone (OPI) interpreting through our VRI devices or via direct lines.

ULG is a leader in the language services market, providing OPI interpreting that offers a high level of service, availability and uptime, connection times, flexibility and collaboration with our clients.  When combined with InDemand’s core competency in VRI, the result is an efficient, effective medical interpretation process that has been proven over the course of our longstanding partnership. Clients have a 24/7/365 on-demand solution to automatically connect a fully qualified and vetted telephonic interpreter into a conversation with support for over 200 languages.

ULG’s core strengths include:

  • High quality of service – From CCR pick up, to language identification, connection times, continuity of service, and empathy and emotional intelligence when dealing with clients, ULG far surpasses the OPI interpreting experience of other telephonic interpreting providers.
  • Approach to continuous improvement – ULG and InDemand share a commitment to continuous improvement. Our teams are working constantly to enhance service reliability and quality.
  • Continuity of service – In addition to being a leading OPI provider, ULG is also a RespOrg, which means that it does not encounter issues with lines, telecommunications providers and outages compared to other OPI providers.
    InDemand and ULG have integrated VRI and OPI services to create a seamless experience for providers and patients. InDemand is pleased to partner with a company committed to providing excellent customer experience for each and every call. Although InDemand’s 25 VRI languages meet the vast majority of client language needs, we partner with ULG to provide access to more diffuse languages. This partnership ensures that InDemand can offer quality interpretation for nearly 100 percent of the most requested languages.
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Increase your access to virtually any language your patient’s may need.