InDemand Interpreting Inc, a technology-enabled language services performance improvement company and a leading video remote interpreting (VRI) provider within Healthcare, celebrates its tenth anniversary. The Company takes immense pride playing an important role in enhancing communications between healthcare providers and their limited English proficient (LEP) and Deaf patients. InDemand remains committed to the vision that every patient in any medical setting receive the highest quality healthcare, regardless of language, cultural background or disability.

This commitment has taken InDemand from a start-up in Wenatchee, Washington in 2007, to one of the leading VRI organizations in the country. InDemand serves over 800 healthcare organizations nationwide and has assisted in over two million healthcare encounters via VRI to date.

“I have seen InDemand grow from just two employees to hundreds, and I continue to believe our success is a direct result of our commitment to our healthcare clients and our dedication to improving the patient experience,” said Andrew Drake, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Countless individuals have contributed to the success of InDemand. It all started with Daniel Pirestani, a Seattle-area technologist, and his wife Elena Pirestani, a medically trained Spanish interpreter. Together they envisioned a way to leverage technology to meet the increasing need for medically trained interpreters in healthcare. With Elena’s experience and Daniel’s technical savvy, their vision 10 years ago became a reality.

InDemand provides clinicians and patients with immediate access to medical interpreters 24 hours a day, seven days a week in more than 200 spoken languages in addition to American Sign Language (ASL) through a live, high definition web-based video conference.

“It is an honor to lead InDemand in bringing positive change to an industry, and improve access to and delivery of language services in a transformational way,” said Cecil Kost, InDemand Chairman and CEO. “I am inspired by how technology, combined with human interaction, can improve the care of the LEP and Deaf community through medically-focused and culturally sensitive video communications.”

About InDemand Interpreting

InDemand Interpreting was founded in 2007 with the vision to ensure every patient receive the highest quality healthcare, regardless of language, cultural background or disability. By delivering the most experienced medical interpreters and highest quality video technology InDemand Interpreting provides doctors, nurses and clinicians the language access they need to provide the best possible care. Visit InDemand at medical interpreter