SEATTLE, May 24, 2016 /PRWeb/ —  InDemand Interpreting, a leading provider of comprehensive language services solutions for Healthcare, announces a webinar: “Major Changes to the ACA – How Will They Affect Your Language Access Program?” This webinar is hosted in partnership with Critical Measures, a national management consulting and training organization specializing in cross-cultural healthcare and the law of language access.

Covering sweeping new anti-discrimination provisions under the Affordable Care Act and the effects on the law of language access for Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients, this webinar will help providers understand these new regulations, which take effect on July 18, 2016. The discussion will highlight major language access changes under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act and what providers must do to comply with the changes. This will include suggested best practices that providers can take to proactively improve their language access policies and practices while improving the quality and safety of care and reducing the risk of legal liability.

The featured speaker for this webinar is David B. Hunt, CEO of Critical Measures, who is also a former civil rights attorney and a national expert on the law of language access in healthcare. Hunt will provide insights and analysis regarding new ACA restrictions on the use of untrained interpreters or bilingual staff without formal training in medical interpreting, new requirements to use qualified medical interpreters and translators and the new right of LEP patients to bring lawsuits against providers on grounds of national origin discrimination.

Andrew Drake, Chief Operating Officer (COO) for InDemand Interpreting, will describe new performance standards for video remote interpreting that are contained in the final ACA regulations and comment on what InDemand is already doing to comply with these new DHHS regulations.

Finally, Hunt will describe other key provisions of the new anti-discrimination regulations including provisions prohibiting discrimination by gender and gender identity in federal health programs.

Following the webinar, providers will have an improved understanding of the new anti-discrimination provisions of the Affordable Care Act as they apply to language access, and will receive the tips and insight required to comply with the new regulations before they take effect.

“We are pleased to partner with Critical Measures to conduct a webinar that will benefit healthcare organizations nationwide,” said Cecil Kost, Chairman and CEO of InDemand Interpreting. “Video remote interpreting offers an accessible, cost effective and reliable language services solution for use in all healthcare settings.”

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Critical Measures
Founded in 2001, Critical Measures is a corporate training and management consulting firm that works to enhance organizational performance as it relates to global business, diversity and cross-cultural communication. The company has gained prestigious national clients in the corporate, banking, healthcare, education, law, government and nonprofit sectors. Signature clients have included Aetna, Microsoft and the American Medical Association, among many others. With a specialization in cross-cultural healthcare, we are known for evidence-based assessments as well as the development of the first online training programs to address global medicine and language access law.