American Sign Language Interpreters 24/7/365

InDemand Interpreting provides certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for healthcare organizations through Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Interpreters are available on demand and around the clock, seven days a week.

VRI + ASL = Effective Language Access

Video Remote Interpreting offers effective language access for nearly all healthcare conversations.

With vast improvements in online audio and video quality, VRI has earned its place as the most advanced technology for interpreting communications between clinicians and their Deaf or hard of hearing patients. In nearly all situations ASL interpreting through VRI delivers excellent communications, meeting or exceeding legal requirements based on the Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights Act and other laws.

VRI for ASL delivers three distinct benefits:

  1. Efficient – With VRI, interpreters are available on demand, 24/7/365. There is no need to schedule ahead of time or reschedule due to missed or canceled appointments.
  2. Effective – By using InDemand VRI, clinicians have access to highly trained, experienced medical interpreters. This will improve quality of care, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. InDemand VRI raises staff satisfaction too.
  3. Economical – InDemand VRI saves money. Pay by the minute and only while interpreters are online. InDemand certifies leases, maintains, repairs and replaces your VRI hardware.

With InDemand Interpreting, healthcare organizations can find the perfect balance for delivering effective ASL access while minimizing interpreting costs.

Certified ASL Interpreters

InDemand Interpreting provides highly trained and experienced ASL Interpreters to over 500 hospitals, clinics and medical offices across the United States. Before joining InDemand, ASL interpreters must be RID certified, possess years of experience and pass a rigorous screening process. Every InDemand ASL interpreter:

  • Is Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Certified
  • Specializes in medical interpreting
  • Undergoes annual training to further skills and knowledge
  • Is adept at team calls with other ASL interpreters and spoken language Interpreters
  • Adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct developed by NAD and RID
  • Is HIPPA trained and tested

Our diverse staff of medical ASL interpreters includes registered nurses, speech therapists, EMTs, and interpreter trainers. Every interpreter is an InDemand employee located in the United States. In addition to patient-clinician interpreting, our interpreters can work in a team with other ASL or foreign language interpreters.

High Quality VRI

The key to delivering InDemand’s ASL Video Remote Interpreting is our superior and exclusive technology. InDemand developed its own HD video conferencing software, designed specifically for medical conversations. We carefully test all hardware, and only offer systems that will meet the rigorous demands of healthcare communications.

InDemand’s features:

  • A technology infrastructure built to ensure service is always available
  • Responsive HD software designed to remove glitches and latency
  • Security encryption of both sides of each conversation
  • Screens large enough for effective communications
  • A variety of VRI hardware options to meet varying needs

We have deep technical expertise within the company to install, monitor and maintain your hardware, software and service.

InDemand Supports High Standards

In addition to providing remote interpreting services, each InDemand Interpreting call center is an official testing center for Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and National Association of the Deaf (NAD). Many of our interpreters participate in the development of professional standards and educational excellence.

Ask About Video Remote ASL Interpreting from InDemand

By providing a superior Video Remote Interpreting experience, InDemand supports healthcare organizations expand language access and reduce costs.

Invite InDemand to review your language services program. With InDemand you will receive the highest quality ASL interpreting, customer service and technology available to healthcare organizations.

Call InDemand Interpreting at (206) 489-2706 or fill-out the web form on the right.

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