Medical Interpreting Across the Continuum Of Care

Being admitted to a hospital often represents the beginning of a journey that requires contact with not only primary care, but multiple specialty care providers. We recognize the importance of seamless and quality care across the entire continuum of care.

From admitting to imaging to bedside, InDemand enables effective communication between caregivers and limited English proficient or Deaf patients.

With the touch of a button our application instantly connects to certified medical interpreters for nearly 20 spoken languages and American Sign Language (ASL), on video, and to over 200 additional languages through voice. InDemand VRI is available 24/7/365, and is easy to use for both clinicians and patients.

InDemand Interpreting delivers effective language access in nearly every medical situation in large healthcare systems or small clinics.

InDemand VRI 24/7/365

Think of it as an interpreter on wheels that goes wherever needed, 24/7/365. No appointment necessary.

  1. Our mobile VRI carts are ideal anywhere patients go, such as the emergency or imaging departments. Screens can be raised or lowered for easy viewing. Clinicians can access InDemand Interpreting from laptops, touchscreens, and iPads over a secure and encrypted high-definition video platform. In addition to our easy-to-use, feature-rich software, we offer computer hardware and medical-grade accessories.
  • Our fixed mounts with notebook or tablet computers attach easily to counter-tops and work well in admissions.
  • Tablet cases, with iPads, or Surface Pros work great in doctor’s offices where they can be carried from room-to-room, or in the field during homecare visits.

Why InDemand?

From the highest quality interpreters, technology designed specifically for healthcare and the support you need to succeed, InDemand is your choice for language access and medical interpreting.

InDemand VRI provides patients with medically qualified language interpreters through HD videoconferencing. We designed our secure HIPAA compliant software specifically for healthcare. It is the only market we serve.

Connect with InDemand

Whether your healthcare facility is large or small, connect with us. Our consultants will work with your program specialists, administrators and IT team to develop and deliver the very best language access plan and interpreting solution for you.