Medical Document Translation and Discharge Recordings

As a service to our customers, InDemand Interpreting provides written translations of medical forms and discharge instructions. Written language access helps clinicians receive complete and accurate patient information. It helps patients understand and correctly follow their treatment.

Medical Documents Translation

InDemand Interpreting translates medical forms, brochures and other patient documents.

We strongly recommend hospitals and clinics translate all medical forms into languages commonly used by the regional limited English proficient (LEP) population. Store foreign language forms electronically and make them readily available for printing, or print and store them ahead of time.

The translation of medical documents is very different than translating sales brochures or instruction manuals. To ensure accuracy we employ certified translators who are specialists in medical interpreting and medical document translation. Every translated document is reviewed and approved by a lead translator.

Our healthcare translators have:

  • Subject matter expertise

  • Clear understanding of the context

  • Medical industry experience

  • Familiarity with medical terminology

  • Patient sensitivity

All of these factors mean better quality translations for you and for the patient.


  • Amharic
  • Arabic
  • Cantonese
  • French
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Nepali

  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Tigrinya
  • Vietnamese

Discharge Recordings

Remembering medical instructions can be challenging, even for fluent English speakers. InDemand’s language interpreters can record medical discharge instructions onto voicemail in a patient’s preferred language.

To comply with HIPAA Protected Health Information (PIH) guidelines, our interpreters will only leave voicemail messages on the patient’s mobile telephone when and only when the phone is present during the medical visit.

Recording medical instructions to voicemail is quick, inexpensive and easy.

  • The healthcare professional requests verbal consent to send a voicemail message detailing medical instructions. Consent is recorded in the patient’s chart or EHR by the healthcare professional.
  • Healthcare professional requests the patient’s mobile phone number and gives it to the interpreter.
  • Healthcare professional delivers instructions to the patient and interpreter and provides a phone number the patient can call with any future questions.
  • Interpreter instructs patient not to answer their phone and explains a voicemail will be recorded.
  • The Interpreter leaves a voicemail stating this is a confidential message then delivers the medical instructions.

When medical instructions are in multiple parts or complicated, the healthcare professional will first discuss the instructions with the interpreter until both agree they are prepared to record a voicemail. The healthcare provider speaks each instruction in English then waits while the interpreter repeats it in the patient’s preferred language.

Voicemail instructions are charged at the regular per minute interpreting rate. This is an exclusive service for InDemand Interpreting’s Video Remote Interpreting customers.