Medical Interpreting for Home Care

Bring the same quality interpreting services used in hospitals throughout the country into home care

More Americans receive home healthcare each year, and InDemand Interpreting provides organizations that offer home care an effective language access solution. InDemand Interpreting’s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) makes this easy.

Our Population is Aging

The U.S. is aging. By 2020, 17%, or 50 million Americans, will be 65 or older. Thirty-five million people, the equivalent of all Americans 65 or older in 2000, will rely on home healthcare.

Seniors Have Greater Access to Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act is extending insurance to more Americans creating a surge of new, more diverse healthcare consumers.

As healthcare workers meet America’s rising demand for home care services they will encounter a growing need for interpreting. Language access is mandated by law and is a compliance, risk management and clinical care issue.
InDemand Interpreting offers home health care with an ideal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) solution.

InDemand VRI

InDemand VRI provides medically qualified language interpreters through HD videoconferencing. We built our secure HIPAA compliant software just for healthcare. With the touch of a button InDemand instantly connects to certified medical interpreters of 17 spoken languages and American Sign Language (ASL), on video, and over 200 additional languages through voice. InDemand Interpreting VRI is available 24/7/365.
InDemand Interpreting, in combination with the Apple iPad Air or Microsoft Surface Pro 3, provides qualified medical language interpreting anywhere with 4G wireless network access. InDemand offers medical grade cases/stands for convenient portability.

Connect with InDemand

Connect with us. Our consultants will work with you to create the perfect language access plan for your home healthcare team or agency.