Getting VRI Coverage From Washington State Labor and Industries

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) covers medical interpreting services for injured Deaf and limited English proficient (LEP) workers and crime victims.

L&I recently added Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) to the list of services it covers and named InDemand Interpreting as an authorized vendor.

Based in Seattle, InDemand Interpreting serves more than 100 facilities throughout Washington State and close to 500 hospitals and clinics nationwide. We only offer healthcare interpreting. With an intuitive application, medically qualified interpreters, and clear, reliable video conferencing, InDemand is healthcare’s VRI quality leader.

Interpreters are available in seconds – just a touch or click away – 24/7. The InDemand application delivers Video Remote Interpreting for 17 frequently requested languages, including American Sign Language. We provide voice access for over 200 more languages, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

InDemand Interpreting delivers the perfect solution for L&I providers. By modernizing expensive, outdated systems, it eliminates waiting, missing languages and canceled appointments.

Qualifying hospitals and clinics can receive free equipment and onsite training. Get up and running quickly, and with no upfront investment.

Workplace injuries affect many people—workers, family, friends and the community. InDemand Interpreting believes that every patient should receive the highest quality healthcare, regardless of language, cultural background or disability. LEP and ASL patients who receive medical interpreting obtain higher quality care, experience better outcomes and have fewer readmissions.

If you would like us to contact you regarding VRI services, please call 206-489-2706 or fill-out this form. We look forward to working with you.