Our technology is the most comprehensive in the industry. The built-in analytics give healthcare organizations the information they need to stay connected to vital usage data which supports more effective operations.

With InDemand’s intuitive analytics dashboard you will have language services data at your fingertips. The dashboard allows you to easily track usage, including but not limited to VRI/Voice usage logs by facility. Other features include access to key call quality metrics at a glance and an option to access advanced analytics.

InDemand’s Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

Language services data at your fingertips

  • Easily track usage (e.g. VRI/Voice usage logs by facility)
  • Key call quality metrics at a glance
  • Advanced analytics option available


InDemand Interpreting provides comprehensive online reporting. This is a robust tool for language and VRI professionals to keep their ‘finger on the pulse’ of language services operations. The dashboard includes usage logs by facility, language; across entire LS spectrum (e.g. VRI, VRI (ASL), Voice, OPI, Physical, Internal, Cart to Cart); Ratings-average and actual. Calendar views allow you to see this data for individual days, weeks, months and years, as well as custom ranges. All interpreting encounters are automatically logged into our system and available to our customers online in real time. This includes data such as date/time, length of encounter, interpreter name, customer location, customer identifier, the call center that took the call, if it was a test call or not, and more.

Custom Reporting

In addition to the standard reports, InDemand has an advanced custom reporting solution based on the Tableau data analysis tool. This tool provides a very sophisticated and flexible interface for generating almost any kind of report or dashboard imaginable.


Monitoring and support are key features of the InDemand VRI solution that help ensure our customers have reliable service. We monitor our VRI equipment and proactively respond to any hardware or network issues that could result in poor service. Upgrades, patches and antivirus software are distributed to all VRI equipment on a regular basis.


InDemand support technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year to support our customers with any question or concern over the phone or through our software. This ensures that any issue can be resolved quickly without an impact to patient care.