You can now access medically qualified interpreters through your existing telehealth program.

InDemand Clarity-Connect enables health systems to bring live, medically qualified interpreters into telehealth sessions. InDemand is the first VRI provider to seamlessly integrate its own VRI application with the industry-leading Vidyo® telehealth platform. This industry-neutral solution makes it possible for hundreds of health systems nationwide to add interpreting services to their telehealth programs.

How it Works

Now you can easily provide on-demand access to a medically qualified interpreter by means of a virtual patient/provider encounter. Clarity-Connect from InDemand features two ways to seamlessly integrate video remote interpreting (VRI) into your telehealth systems:

  • InDemand Clarity-Connect Widget
  • InDemand Clarity-Connect API (Application Program Interface)

With Clarity-Connect  you can offer your clinicians immediate access to a medically qualified interpreter.

Add medically qualified interpreting to your telehealth program.

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