Why InDemand

InDemand improves communication between patients and providers to enhance patient care and reduce costs, while increasing compliance.

InDemand understands the Healthcare industry’s challenge of meeting the communication needs of an ever-growing, diverse patient population. We realize it is increasingly difficult in the face of constantly changing regulations, the transition to value-based care and the need to embrace technology, but know it’s necessary to improve clinical effectiveness, enhance patient experience and drive operating efficiency.

Our Approach

As a technology-enabled, language services performance improvement company, InDemand is committed to understanding your language services issues before we develop tailored solutions. Our team of healthcare specialists provide recommendations that are informed by your objectives. We evaluate your language service program in its totality and design approaches that increase access to language services while enhancing both the patient and provider experience. In the end, our aim is become our client’s trusted language services partner.

We are 100%
healthcare focused.

InDemand is dedicated to exclusively serving the healthcare market. Our team members offer a unique blend of industry and domain-specific expertise, experience and passion to help transform language service programs to be more responsive to the needs of limited English proficient (LEP), Deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) patients while reducing the average cost of all interpreting encounters. Our mission is singularly focused on improving the outcomes of LEP, Deaf and HOH patients by providing quick and reliable access to quality communication.

Video interpreting
for the entire
care continuum.

Informed by a thorough analysis of our clients and the healthcare market, InDemand has solutions designed to meet interpreting needs anytime, anywhere across the entire care continuum. Our video remote interpreting (VRI) application is used today in virtually every care setting — acute and non-acute care, hospitals and clinics — and in the home. We support telehealth by enabling providers to add a medically qualified interpreter to their teleconsults, on demand.  In addition, our suite of medical-grade VRI devices are specifically designed and assembled to function in every clinical setting.

  • virtual interpreter rolling medical cart
  • video remote interpreting touchscreen cart
  • video remote interpreting iPad cart
  • medical interpreting iPad app
  • medical interpreting iPhone app
Video Remote Interpreter

We are committed to interpreter certification.

We recognize that the skill and dedication of InDemand interpreters are critical to support exceptional patient and provider experience. We recruit candidates with proven medical interpreting experience. InDemand offers its interpreting staff competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, training and professional development. All interpreters are certified at the time of hire (or within 1 year after joining InDemand) and are sensitive to the patient’s cultural beliefs/backgrounds. Our interpreters are focused solely on medical interpretation and are among the most qualified in the industry.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional client services — when you succeed, we succeed.

InDemand is committed to supporting our clients in optimizing their language services programs. Our expert team will listen to your needs, design your solution, plan your implementation, work with you to gain system-wide adoption, train your staff and provide 24/7/365 support for our solutions. In short, we are committed to our client’s success. Our proprietary 5-to-Thrive process was developed to ensure we deliver on that commitment. Our aim is to support you in building and maintaining an effective and efficient language service program — which is critical to a patient-centered language services program, today and into the future.


We practice evidence-
based, continuous

InDemand offers a proprietary automated reporting and business analytics capability to identify areas where efficiency and satisfaction among patients and providers can be enhanced. Through this practice we are able to customize the most effective language access solution for our clients. In addition, we provide our clients comprehensive, role-based access to online reporting with built-in analytics that provides critical real-time data to maintain the most effective language services program.

Certified medical interpreter VRI dashboard

Better Communication, Better Outcomes.

Our medically qualified interpreters, combined with the highest quality video technology and exceptional service and support are ready to meet your needs today while easily and affordably scaling for the future.

Customize an interpreting solution for your organization